Saturday, March 21, 2009

While We Were All Focused On AIG Bonuses

I've Always Said If There's Big News - There's Something Else Bigger Going On.....
Look For It......

Well, while most of the nation was focused on AIG executives getting bonuses and debating whether or not they should have received them, talking heads were bantering about it and I thought that something BIG must be happening on Capitol Hill that we were being fooled about or that was being covered up.

I'm not a paranoid person but we have to think like this these days. Well, I was right this time. While we were "sleeping" the Treasury was playing with money. Well, not really money because our country is broke. Really broke. But they were manufacturing money. This is a most dangerous game to play. This can be havoc on an already weak economy that, when (or if) begins to get stronger, we are going to definitely face strong inflation. This manufacturing of money will cause hyperinflation - look that up. If it doesn't care the crap out of you; nothing will.

Our Treasury borrowed $1Trillion from itself. This was like a last-ditch effort to save a dying patient (the United State's economy). It manufactured the money - printed it. There is no money - this is money from nowhere, really. The fed has been printing money at an alarming rate, already. Obama has been spending money at a rate that has economists all over the world extremely worried. China, who has been financing our country, warned the United States last week to slow down on the spending. If China pulls financing from the U.S., we are in BIG trouble. As an investment, the United States is a bad risk. I certainly wouldn't invest in it.

When the fed took this action, the dollar immediately dropped in value, substantially. Gold immediately shot up. People who were watching immediately began dumping their money and buying gold, if they weren't already. The price of gold has almost doubled in the last six months. People are remembering their history and what hyperinflation has done to other countries. Our money will be put in wheelbarrows and taken to the store to buy a loaf of bread. That's what it will be good for, then it will be good for use as toilet paper. That's what hyperinflation will do for us. Then, the only thing that will save us is gold or silver. Or bartering. There will be no currency.

In every country this printing of money where there is no backup in the history of the work, it has been devastating to everyone involved. Why should it not be that way for the United States of America? It will.....people will die, they will starve, will not get their medicine, will lose their homes, will get sick and there will be no help for them.

My advice: take your money and buy coins in small denominations. Hide them well. Very well. Buy canned food and hide it well. One can live in their homes if they are paid for. You can learn to live without electricity and if you can have a source of water to drink and a little to cook with, you can make it. Neighbors can help neighbors. That's the only way we will make it.

And one last little bit of advice for all of us......IMPEACH OBAMA and throw every member out of CONGRESS NOW.

And now that anyone who reads this thinks I'm crazy, you'll either research this for yourself and come to the realization that I'm right or you'll just shrug it off and one day you'll remember that I warned you...

Here's the video and a little of what our Prez said about it:

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