Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its Time to Take a Long Hard Look at America; Do We Like What We See?

Today is June 11, 2009. Yesterday, an 88 year-old man walked into the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and shot a security guard who later died. It is being said that this man is a "white supremist". I don't know about that, but what is clear is that he was a brilliant man, was a World War II Veteran, decorated for bravery and held a job in advertising in the public sector and something went terribly wrong in his life. He hated black people and Jewish people. So, he let that hate eat him up. And it ended yesterday with a death and today he was charged with murder. Senseless.

America, is it any wonder that we are seeing a rise in hate crimes in this nation? We are seeing more Anti-Semitism? Here, in a nation where the Jewish people helped build capitalism? We don't need more "hate crime" legislation. We don't need to label those who value their constitutional rights as "extremists". They are Americans who simply see the destruction of their country. Some Americans are asleep. Others are awake. It's time for all of us to take a long hard look at what is going on here. It may be painful, it may hurt and it may take some soul-searching. But we need to grow up and do it. We need to do it before its too late. It may be too late now.

There is not time for anymore finger-pointing and blaming. That is unproductive. We're all to blame in one way or another. We need to look at what is happening, accept it and decide the best path to make changes to take our country back to when it belonged to all of us. It may never be the same, but we can make it better. Notice the word "WE".

Is it any wonder we're seeing a rise in this type of crime? We have a president who sat in a church where the pastor, Rev. Wright, spewed hatred (and still does) for 20 years. This hatred was directed at white people, Jewish people and blame toward other groups for many things. Would YOU listen to that type of rhetoric for 5 minutes, let alone 20 years? Did we actually BELIEVE that this man, a person Americans elected to be president would NOT be affected by that? Did people actually believe that his policies would not be affected by those who surrounded him for many years? Radical thinkers, those whose hatred burned for the traditional government, "the establishment", those who bombed buildings, called themselves the Underground Weathermen, who killed policemen and then justified their actions as "I was young". Did we think that being surrounded by marxists, thugs who would be indicted for federal crimes and other Chicago criminals wouldn't affect his political outlook? And some of these people are now in the Whitehouse administration making policies that affect us all? Do they care about us? Do you actually believe they do?

We are marching down the road to Marxism. There can be no debate about this. Those who would take opposition to what I'm writing are in denial. We need to see things for what they truly are. And it is true, all of this did NOT happen on Obama's watch. Many things were set in place before he took office. But incredibly the clock began ticking very quickly in January, 2009. How quickly we began to get "Czars", and government car companies, and nationalized banking, and regulated energy usage and next up.....nationalized health care? Do we need the hatred, the Anti-Semitism that defined Germany during Adoph Hitler's rule? Does any of this seem like a repeat of history? This is incredible. THIS IS AMERICA people. WAKE UP. We are being warned by Europeans to take action to stop this! We must listen.

Our president is being praised by Gorbachev, he is being told by Chavez he is farther left than even he and Castro are. This is very frightening. These men are dictators, they torture and kill their citizens. They starve and kill those who dare take opposition to them. Is this writing on the wall for America?

There is terrorism in our streets and its growing worse every day. It is not jihad, its Americans killing Americans because they are black, or Jewish or just not the same as others. This is happening exactly as Joseph Stalin said it would happen here. America would fall from within. There is large segment of our population who were not alive to ever KNOW what Communism was. The oppression of it all. They cannot fully understand the freedom we stand to lose, the celebration of everything great that America stands for. Yet, no one seems outraged by a president who apologizes for the America that he thinks is to blame for everything wrong in the world. Yet, we've sacrificed so much for the world. This is not right.

Tell me this is a bad dream.

Our federal government has overstepped its boundaries. It is quickly taking over everything in our lives. And there's something very sinister about Homeland Security labeling everyone. There seems to be something very "KGBish" about it. There's a label for everyone of us. We, the citizens, seem to be the next "target" of the government. They want our money; what will happen when they're done with us? Remember Joseph Stalin? He was called the "monster in blood" who, it is thought, to have killed up to 60 million of his own people. He used many methods but he starved many of them. Many within just a year.

There is too much happening too fast. We must all stand up and slow this train down while we can. It is going to take ALL OF US working together, black and white, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Jewish and Christian, all faiths standing side by side with the purpose of preserving this nation. We have a common goal, to save ourselves and to hang on to the things this country can provide for our families in the future. That can never happen unless we wake up and wake now.

Our founding fathers were a very tough group. They had great foresight and faith in future generations. That's us. The future of America is on our shoulders. What will it be? Will America fall, or will it stand? It's all up to us. Look into your children's eyes tonight and ask yourself if standing up for this country and for their future freedom is worth it. The answer is in their eyes. Don't take long to make your decision. Time is ticking away.

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