Thursday, June 18, 2009

Your Money and the Federal Government's Money

The federal government has never seen an entitlement program it didn't want to fund. That was the "old" saying. Well, welcome to the "new and improved" federal government. The one on steriods. In the "good 'ole days" we thought a billion dollars was a lot. Well, now we are looking at trillions. Wow. I would have to think hard to know what comes after that, but I'm sure if we sit here long enough, we'll find out.

I think of myself as a "reluctant activist". Anyone who doesn't know what legislation is on the floor of the House of Representatives the next day, or the Senate and what's up for the next day, what's in Committee, and in the Judiciary Committee is just not on their game. One must know how to program their fax to include every member of the House of Representatives AND the Senate (500+ numbers) and if your fax machine won't hold that many, run out and purchase one. Also, did you know that if you send over a certain number of e-mails at one time you can be considered a "spammer"? What does all this have to do with you?

Everything, if you are actively trying to get the word out about what is going on in this country and keep your loved ones, friends and your "network" informed. And, while doing that, trying to make sure your voice is heard by those who make decisions affecting our lives and the lives of our loved ones. And are you? If not, why? Too busy? Oh, it's not that much...once you get it down. Just think, if just HALF of the population of the U.S. did this, could WE BE IGNORED? No, we couldn't, and we wouldn't be. Of course, in our spare time, we twitter, tweet, blog, etc.

And, doesn't even have that many people doing what I'm suggesting. They just have Georgie Soro's money. Who needs money when we have brains?

One idea that several people have talked about in the past, but I hadn't given much thought to until recently was about federal income tax and withholding. But I've decided this is a GOOD THING and I'll tell you why. The government has our money and is using it to do all of the outrageous spending it does and borrowing from our children. We should withhold our money from the federal government as long as we legally can. How can we do this? Change our withholding with our employer so that NO federal taxes are withheld from our pay. After all, having a big refund at the end of the year is stupid anyway. That's letting the federal government use our money throughout the year, when we could be using it ourselves. Not smart. Do this and set aside a percentage each week so that you'll have enough money to pay your taxes (if you owe them) for the year. We don't want anyone not having money to pay taxes because of this and having to pay fines, etc.

Do your taxes the first of next year. If you owe money, hold your paperwork until April 15. File an extension and pay the extra fee the IRS charges for this. This holds up the federal government's money a little while longer. This keeps money out of the federal government's hands as long as possible. Hey, you've done it for over 12 months. Imagine if only 5 million people did this. Say, those 5 million people owed the federal government $3k each. That's $150,000,000,000 we've kept out of the federal government's little pocketbook! That's a lot of money for just changing your withholding and doing what you ought to be doing in the first place - using your money during the year instead of letting the federal government do it.

If you don't owe the federal government anything, file that return ASAP and get that extra money back! Make it hurt. Make 'em pay. We are smarter, we have the most to lose for the abuse of power they are committing and we are fighters. Let us fight back. Let's ROLL!

Do you see my point here? They are so busy burning through our money but we are in charge of OUR MONEY. It begins with us. If 10 million people would do this we could seriously hurt the federal government, what about 25 million? It's all economics.

We can get the government's attention. WE HAVE THE PURSE STRINGS people! Don't roll over. Keep calling your representatives, your senators and go to your payroll department today! Change that withholding amount. Keep YOUR MONEY during the year. Put 17% away to pay your federal taxes. Or put 25% of your check away. Don't use it, don't spend it. If you don't owe taxes because of deductions you have, then there's a nice little sum of money you can use to take your family on a little trip or buy something your family can enjoy. Call it your federal blackmail account, or whatever you choose. Call it your COMMONSENSE money.

Let's be smart, let's do the small things that we CAN do, we can make difference. Remember, I am only one person but I can do one thing, together we are two, we can do two things well; together we are three, we can do three things well.....and so on. We are powerful.

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Goodness gracious man, what a great post! hahahahah too true and too funny! I love it.