Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Latest News Regarding Climate Change and Global Warming

"Scientists have made a new discovery in our galaxy's planetary map that shows orbital shifts, sunbursts and gravitational deviation. This slight shifting of the globe over the past few months has impacted global weather in a disturbing way. We will see a quantifiable movement in the polar ice cap...thus reversing the warming trend back to the global cooling discovered years ago. The original scientists were right and the effects of the last solar cycle disturbed the cooling trend leading to an "interim phase"of warming. It is a good thing that AL Gore changed the name to Climate Change, because we will see it very soon.

As evidence, the scientists refer to the gradual cooling that has come from the polar ice cap has reached mid USA -- which is causing the unseasonably cool summer in the northern states. Scientists also say that even though the temperature will plummet over the next decade...polar wild life is still at risk because the extremes will bring their food sources further south. What the scientists say is happening is that the cold from the north and south poles is creeping to the equator. Evidence the sea life changes in California. This new discovery is currently being researched by various scientists and facilities all over the globe and has created a true sense of urgency at the rapidly decreasing thermal tides."

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