Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama Says Future Is Bright Or Read My Lips

In a congress rife with people of privilege, Congressional Representative District 2, Bobby Bright is rare for having labored as a ditch digger, roofer, prison guard, cook, hotel porter, financial adviser and teacher before practicing law. Congressman Bright won’t talk bail-outs. He was never bailed-out. But, with all of that hard work and overcoming obstacles, being a Democrat these days puts a servant of the people in a hard spot. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of the “working people” as it was years ago. No, they talk about “rich people” but are some of the richest in the nation. They want to redistribute OUR wealth. Not theirs.

According to the Congressional Votes Database, Congressman Bobby Bright has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 70.8% of the time during his tenure in Congress. He took office on January 3, 2009. This number does not include votes in which Bright did not vote. He missed 27 votes since taking office.

So, no matter how hard and what size “paintbrush” Bright uses, his efforts to say he is “conservative” can be deceptive, according to how much he votes along party lines. IF he were conservative, he should have a higher percentage, say…90%, 100%. THAT is conservative. He is a member of the “Blue Dog Caucus” in Congress but this last year has proven that those “blue dogs” are mostly “lap dogs.”

Currently, all Tea Party candidates are either leading or closing in the polls in races all across the nation. Congressman Bobby Bright has his work cut out for him. Hopefully, those people he represents in Troy, Eufala, Ozark, Enterprise, Dothan, Greenville and Prattville, Alabama are much wiser than in 2008 when Bright ran for office.

Tonight, President Obama gave his first State of the Union address to the nation. This date is the 65th anniversary of the release of prisoners from their Nazi captors at Auschwitz. It seems ironic that the speech comes on this date, when his socialist agenda has been rammed down American’s throats for a year.

Obama said, “By the time I’m finished tonight, more Americans will have lost their health insurance. Millions will lose it this year. Out deficit will grow. Premiums will go up. Co-pays will go up. Patients will be denied the care they need. Small business owners will continue to drop coverage altogether. I will not walk away from these Americans. And neither should the people in this chamber.”

Clearly, although the majority of Americans are against government-run healthcare and do not want it, he intends to continue to attempt to push it on America. All independent sources that have examined each piece of legislation say this will leave almost the same number of Americans uninsured, weaken quality of care, cause rationing, and our country simply cannot afford it. This defiance clearly is unconstitutional and he and his buddies seem to be in denial over the real “state” of this union.

His efforts to achieve bipartisanship clearly are not what he intended because he said, “Rather than fight the same tired battles that have dominated Washington for decades, it’s time for something new. Let’s try common sense. Let’s invest in our people without leaving them a mountain of debt. Let’s meet our responsibility to the people who sent us here.” In what nation is he living? Honestly, most Americans agree they are tired of the stunts they’ve seen the Democrats pull in the last year. The GOP has been shut out of negotiations and the writing (who IS writing those bills?) legislation all year. At one point, they changed the locks on the doors. No, we won’t forget that stunt, either. Leaving out the GOP senators also leaves millions of Americans without representation in the Senate. Is this the common sense to which he was referring? His policies have crippled an already staggering economy and this is HIS deficit, HIS budget and HIS problem now. Blame others all he wants, he sits in that oval office.

Obama’s talk of taking action related to lobbying activities, cutting spending and being bipartisan falls on deaf ears. He says one thing but does the complete opposite. He said he had excluded lobbyists when it is a fact that those working for many health-related companies paid for advertising that pushed government healthcare. If his past actions are any indication, they can expect a profitable return on their “investment” since we’ve already seen how Obama’s legislation and agenda takes care of ACORN and union groups such as SEIU.

Cutting deficits, cutting spending, being responsible to solve our economic faltering or failing are things we SHOULD BE doing. But it is a fact that Obama’s policies and legislation over the last year have increased our debt and are irresponsible. Clearly, he is out of touch with reality. He gave his speech on the heels of a stunning defeat just last week when the Democratic-ruled Senate lost a seat to a conservative in Massachusetts. If that wasn’t enough, it was Ted Kennedy’s seat, and had been a “Democratic” seat for more years than most can count.


Defiantly, Obama continued, saying he would “freeze” discretionary spending. The three year “freeze” on just what amounts of 17% of the discretionary budget is deceptive. After RAISING the budget by 12.5%, he now actually will only “freeze” 4.5% of discretionary spending.

Hmm, spending freeze. Where have we heard that before? Oh! The Presidential Debates! It’s all very clear. In at least one debate, he referred to a suggestion by Senator McCain to immediately implement a spending freeze as “using a hatchet when we need a scalpel.” What the freeze does achieve is that for three years, the GOP will be prevented from cutting the inflated budgets…sinister symbolic nonsense!

If you voted for Obama, did you KNOW what he really was? What he planned to do to our country? Next time, exactly 1,014 days from today, we will know who we vote for, where they stand on issues and those candidates will KNOW what the American people expect from them. We the People will accept no more lies, games or deception. He has raised the federal deficit to $1.35 Trillion in just one year. And he broadly stated in his speech new programs which will further put us in the hole. Why not let’s take the “stimulus” money that hasn’t been given to the unions and used as payola and give it back to the CHINESE government. Afterall, that IS where it came from. Some have suggested giving it “back” to the American people but we didn’t give it to the government. We are in financial trouble. Sometimes those closest to the problem are the last to see it. Perhaps the problem is what Obama and Co. are trying to achieve. If so, they are doing stunningly well.

Let us not forget the lengths he will go to in order to pass healthcare. Town halls, no town halls, SEIU, ACORN, the mugging of American citizens, fingers being bitten off, pitiful attempts to denigrate The Tea Party by calling those honest, concerned Americans vulgar names and “astroturf.” Real radicals, those who are standing up for America.

Having already admitted since taking office that he’d failed to explain his agenda and connect with the “voters” (not Americans?), Obama unapologetically defended pursuing the same agenda. This includes overhaul of the nation’s health care system, an aggressive approach to global warming, sweeping changes to address illegal immigration, radical reforms of the banking industry and how Wall Street is regulated, as well as how our children are educated. Ambition, that’s what he has. And we’re going to stop him.

The Obama team is reverting to techniques that galvanized his support during his campaign. Obama for America (Organizing for America), Obama’s political organization, has assumed a low profile since his election, texted watch-party information to supporters. The White House also solicited follow-up questions on, saying Obama would answer them online next week.

We know what was said in the speech, and we know what it meant. This time last year, we were trying to figure out what was happening. Not this year. Let, and all of the thugs try, nothing is going to stop the American People. That is a fact. We fight for our country in 2010. Clean sweep 2010!

Fight on, Patriots!

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