Monday, February 15, 2010

The Making of An American Leader

Les Phillip,at age six,had the opportunity to fly on an airplane. He decided he wanted to be a pilot right then.

The pilot of the airplane allowed young Les to play with the controls and look around at everything. He turned to the pilot and asked, "What does it take to be a pilot?" The pilot told him to excel in Math and Science;stay out of trouble; and,fly for one of the military services. Surely the pilot had no idea what an impression he had made on that young boy from Trinidad.

Phillip was on a course that would change his life forever. A man who came from another country, became a citizen and who served our country in the military, is a husband, a father and well-respected businessman. He has a unique and inspiring life story. This man is a candidate for Congress to represent the 5th District of Alabama. He has the passion for America to face the challenges as a U.S. Congressman. His life has prepared him for the job at hand.

When he was eight years old, his family immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland. He was accepted into a math and science high school. While he was there, he became convinced that he wanted to go into the Coast Guard instead of the military. But, was convinced by a teacher to go to the Naval Academy instead.

He says something that affected him profoundly is, "The Oath of Office I took when I put my hand up on July 7, 1981. There was no expiration date on that oath. Even at the age of 18, I realized it was the Constitution, not the man nor the office but that document I was protecting. I still take that oath seriously today." Phillip understands the U.S. Constitution is not a “living, breathing document” as some try to depict it.

Says Phillip, "I have three daughters and I want them to live in the same type of country that enabled me to become everything I've become. The flag, the Constitution, and my Biblical beliefs are worth fighting for."

During a recent interview, Phillip was asked how he would reconcile policies that are at odds with his faith. Phillip responded by saying, "I will research and study those topics. I know that in everything that I do, loving God with all of my heart, soul and mind and loving my neighbors as myself is foremost. My job is to love everyone the way God loves me. Crafting laws requires great thought and we must think of the people they affect. For instance,we can't cut public assistance immediately to one who is dependent upon it. But, we need to start moving that person off programs that deny their ability to achieve their potential in life. When someone depends upon government programs, they have little chance to achieve all they can be. As Americans, we're meant to always be achieving something. We are supposed to work. We should not enable people to sit and do nothing toward achieving their potential.

Les Phillip met his wife,while attending the Naval Academy. He served the U.S. Navy after graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy. At the age of 22,Phillip was in charge of guiding a $4.5 billion dollar aircraft carrier each night. His responsibility was for U.S. aircraft,ammunition,the carrier,and the lives of the men on that ship. He also served as a Navy helicopter pilot.

After military service,he began a career in the corporate world. Les also has been a small business owner. He understands what small businesses are to the economy. Most in Congress have no private sector experience, which clearly gives Phillip advantages on economic issues.

"We own a catering and cooking school in Madison, Alabama”, said Phillip. “Being able to provide a paycheck for someone,going through the process of developing a business, providing income for employees, meeting a budget, is something every small business owner understands. Small businesses need to be left with more money to spend. The more money they have to spend, the more they can help the economy. 46% of every dollar is borrowed money. We can't fund programs we don't need and then have obligations we cannot fund because we cannot afford them. We seem willing to give money to things we don't need but not to the things that are for the general welfare of our country, which is Constitutional. The bottom line is people need to learn what that document [the Constitution] says and means."

"A year ago, I was a retired military father. As I watched the State of the Union address, I saw more than one-half of the Congress cheering and clapping for socialist policies. I had fought to defend this from happening here in the United States. I looked in the mirror and asked myself what are YOU going to do about it?
I have benefited from the blessings of this country. There comes a point in life when we begin thinking about generations of others beyond ourselves. My life becomes less important and opportunities for others become more important,” said Phillip, explaining why he was running for office.

“President Ronald Reagan was a strong president,his foreign policy kept us safe. "When North Korea has launched a missile on every American Holiday this year, why are we responding by cutting our funding for defense? Reagan would have sent two carriers and a couple of Tomahawks to decimate their sites. If we are stronger and faster, we don't let ourselves be bullied. The capability means nothing if the other guys think we are not willing to use it.”

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has endorsed Les Phillip. He said of Phillip, "I believe he will be a future leader in the Republican Party for a long time to come...we need 434 more just like him in Congress". Phillip said of the endorsement, “A Sr. Coordinator for Huck Pac in Alabama heard an interview I did on the radio. She introduced me to Governor Huckabee. After talking with him, we found that we had a lot of the same things happen to us as we were growing up. We have a similar worth ethic and belief system. It was a natural fit."

Phillip says he plans to work for the people of his district by working with a group of like-minded individuals,according to the Constitution. "If we follow the Constitution, we can cut spending. That's where the GOP made a mistake in the 1990's, they had their list of things to accomplish and didn't do it because they didn't base it upon the Constitution, instead we became like Democrats. I believe 72 hours is too short a time period to read pending legislation. President Obama said it would be online for five days before action would be taken. We now have taxation without representation. They are trying to pass everything before Americans wise up. Why are they getting paid if they're not representing the people they are paid to represent? It's a joke. I think one problem is many Congressmen/women and Senators don't know the Constitution. This is what has gone wrong. Everything revolves around the Constitution and should be judged by the Constitution."

"Both the Constitution and the Bible have been taken out of our schools. The government doesn't want people knowing what their rights are and the limits on government. I will be accountable to the people of my district. I took that oath to serve and protect and I'm willing to step up and do everything within my power to preserve America."

Les Phillip represents what people outside of the United States always viewed Her as, the Land of Opportunity. He is proof that a person can achieve success without hand-outs or special favors if they work hard and take advantage of opportunities. He knows what is at stake here in our country if we do not follow the outline set forth by our founding fathers. Our Constitution brought success to our young country. It also has brought success to many Americans. He wants to fight for the America he knew.

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