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July 21, 2010
By Bamabelle also posted atAlabama Tea Party Express

A U.S. Senate committee yesterday gave Elena Kagan, President Obama’s pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Supreme Court nominee, the go-ahead to advance on her agenda.
The vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee featured all of the pro-abortion Democrats standing with Kagan and all Republicans opposing her except South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham, YOU MUST GO!
The nomination now will go to the full Senate, where it still is uncertain whether pro-life GOP members will mount an effort to keep her from a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land, where her influence could be felt for the next few decades.
The opposition to Kagan in the 13-6 vote was led by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who said Kagan’s answers to the committee included “political spin.” Sessions has stood firmly for the wishes of the people in his state. He and few others have stood up to the Obama machine.
“Throughout her career, Ms. Kagan has placed her politics above the law. She has never been a judge, never tried a case before a jury and has practiced law for only three years,” he warned.
Sessions described her as the least-experienced nominee in 50 years.
He also pointed out she was a key part of efforts to allow unlimited “partial-birth” abortions, and she worked to limit gun rights, in addition to her work to expand the rights of homosexual activists.
If she is to be defeated now, it appears that a filibuster – with some help – would be necessary.
Kagan has been criticized by pro-life and pro-family advocates for working, while in the Clinton administration, for partial-birth abortion as well as her campaign to accelerate and legitimize homosexual behavior at Harvard while on the payroll there.
And they note that during Judiciary Committee hearings, she suggested that “precedent” could trump the original intent of the Constitution’s authors.
Randy Thomasson, president of, is offering constituents a “take action” option on his website, while a “Stop Kagan Campaign” also is under way.
We must put every member on notice – Republicans and Democrats – that a vote for Kagan is a vote against the U.S. military, a vote against the Constitution, a vote against free speech and a vote for ultra-partisan extremism and activism on the judicial bench.
Kagan has only moderate support from Americans, especially in light of information exposed about her in the last weeks.
She manipulated the opinions of two doctor’s organizations to soften their testimony that partial-birth abortions never are medically needed.
Kagan disqualified herself from serving on the Supreme Court with her statement under oath that she has no view of “natural rights.” Our constitution is based upon natural law and rights afforded under that law.
She doesn’t believe in the Constitution, shown from her own testimony. She doesn’t believe in the Declaration of Independence, which we just celebrated and commemorated for the 234th time in our nation’s history. Kagan claims she doesn’t have a view about ‘natural rights’ – those that real Americans believe are unalienable and God-given.
The statements by Kagan came in an exchange with Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. Press failed to cover this – surprising?
Read below:
Coburn: Do you believe it is a fundamental, pre-existing right to have an arm to defend yourself?
Kagan: Senator Coburn, I very much appreciate how deeply important the right to bear arms is to millions and millions of Americans. And I accept Heller, which made clear that the Second Amendment conferred that right upon individuals, and not simply collectively.
Coburn: I’m asking you, Elena Kagan, do you personally believe there is a fundamental right in this area? Do you agree with Blackstone [in] the natural right of resistance and self-preservation, the right of having and using arms for self-preservation and defense? He didn’t say that was a constitutional right. He said that’s a natural right. And what I’m asking you is, do you agree with that?
Kagan: Senator Coburn, to be honest with you, I don’t have a view of what are natural rights, independent of the Constitution. And my job as a justice will be to enforce and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States.
Coburn: So you wouldn’t embrace what the Declaration of Independence says, that we have certain God-given, inalienable rights that aren’t given in the Constitution that are ours, ours alone, and that a government doesn’t give those to us?
Kagan: Senator Coburn, I believe that the Constitution is an extraordinary document, and I’m not saying I do not believe that there are rights pre-existing the Constitution and the laws. But my job as a justice is to enforce the Constitution and the laws.
Coburn: Well, I understand that. I’m not talking about as a justice. I’m talking about Elena Kagan. What do you believe? Are there inalienable rights for us? Do you believe that?
Kagan: Senator Coburn, I think that the question of what I believe as to what people’s rights are outside the Constitution and the laws, that you should not want me to act in any way on the basis of such a belief.
Coburn: I would want you to always act on the basis of the belief of what our Declaration of Independence says.
Kagan: I think you should want me to act on the basis of law. And that is what I have upheld to do, if I’m fortunate enough to be confirmed, is to act on the basis of law, which is the Constitution and the statutes of the United States.
“This woman apparently thinks our rights descend from our Constitution, which is crazy,” said Farah. “The Constitution is there to protect our unalienable, God-given human rights – not to define our rights or to invent them.”
Kagan, as president of her university, banned the U.S. military from recruiting on campus. Obama wants to reward that kind of vehemently anti-American action with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Elena Kagan must be stopped. America is distracted by a floundering economy, a disastrous oil spill and a government that creates new crises on a daily basis, he explains.
Kagan is an activist who wants to govern from the bench, she is Obama in a skirt. She is a radical anti-military and pro-abortion zealot. Her selection by Obama reveals once again his extremist agenda of leaving America undefended, elevating alternative lifestyles to sainthood and exterminating the most innocent human life with reckless abandon and persecuting anyone who tried to stand in the way. Basically, that is who Elena Kagan is.
Please send FAXES to all REPUBLICAN SENATORS as well as your senators to REJECT Kagan for this appointment. A link is provided below for information on all Senators. Please use it. Now.

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