Thursday, December 23, 2010

Has Jesus Been Forgotten?

As many Christians do during this time of the year, looking at the wonderful gift given to the human race by God Himself, His Son Jesus Christ; it is disturbing to hear and see what is happening with the many churches and so-called Christians today. This seems very common and it is at these times when we pause to truly reflect on the wondrous works of our Lord that these hereseys are so noticeable.

I do realize that many people didn't grow up "in" church as I did. My mother was my Sunday School teacher and she took her job very seriously.  Ever hear of a Bible drill? Oh yea, I was the queen of the Bible drills. We (there were five of us - I was oldest) learned all of the books of the Bible - in order. Then, we were given a particular Bible verse and the deal was to be the fastest person to find the verse and read it aloud. But, every person can have a Bible in their hands and it doesn't take a genius to understand God's word if we have the Holy Spirit to guide us.

On Sunday nights at church, sometimes the "children's church" would line up in front of the congregation and we would sing, recite scripture and we would have a Bible drill. Now, don't get me wrong, Mom never pressured us to "win" these. But, she has this "way" of looking at each of us - her children - as she called the Bible verse aloud. More often than not, I would be first.  Even then, I loved that Bible. Thank God for my mother who taught us about God, how much He loved us and about Jesus Christ and the saving grace that we each could have. I wish there were more mothers like mine and I wish I had been as dedicated as she in the teaching of life's most important lessons from God's word.

It is shocking to actually comprehend the lack of knowledge of God that people lack today. For example, there are so many Bible verses in the Old Testament that specifically mention Christ and details about his life that would be fulfilled later. We know so much from the prophets of the Old Testament. And, Jesus studied the Old Testament, of course. To read the old prophets prophesies and then to read about how these many were fulfilled is mind-boggling! It is exciting, amazing, miraculous! And, many prophesies are being fulfilled as we live today and the fact that so many have been fulfilled defies all odds of coincidence. We can be assured they all will be fulfilled. Blessed assurance that our Heavenly Father loves us and keeps His word-always.

Many Christians today read versions of the Bible that seem so alien to me. They don't convey the meaning of the original message at all and people don't know the difference! I use the King James Bible and I have actually been asked WHICH Bible I use as if I am not quoting a scripture correctly. The devil hasn't missed any tricks in his work to derail those who work to share Jesus Christ with others. He even has "his own" version of God's word that is misinterpreted!

Jesus warned us that in the end days there would be false prophets, as ravenous wolves that would deceive the very elect if possible. When the very elect don't even know God's word, how can they know the truth from a lie? They cannot. Churches aren't teaching the entire Bible or aren't teaching it at all. Emphasis on teaching and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ isn't made a priority.  I feel the BURNING desire to share the message of Jesus Christ with every person I see and talk with. How can people NOT do this? Churches aren't teaching about sin and the very real consequences of it. I have had more than one pastor tell me that many church leaders refer to their congregation members as "paying units" and some even "classify" them according to their income levels!  UNBELIEVABLE! Church membership does NOT save a person's soul.

It is disturbing to see that churches are trying to save the environment, build hugemongeous buildings that are beautiful and nice but what are they doing for the poor within their communities? Are they feeding the poor, are they showing the love of Jesus through caring for the needy, the sick, the imprisoned? I don't believe so. Instead, they are trying to save the planet and build their bank accounts. Do any of them stop to think about what God is surely going to do to the very earth they are working so hard to save? Seems like a waste of time, in my opinion - I mean, knowing it is going to be destroyed - why save it?

I believe most "christians" go to church service on Sunday, hear a nice warm and fuzzy message and then they go home and don't give Jesus another thought until the next time - that is unless some tragic situation befalls them. Then, they will suddenly realize it might be good to ask Jesus for help. If one doesn't do more than give our Lord lip service, what would make them think He would even hear their prayers? Just an observation.

How far we have fallen in the last 25 or so years. Now we are building bridges to other faiths in order to "understand them." and if we don't approve we are labeled as "intolerant."  Since when did the Bible tell us to do this? I recall God saying "be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers...."  so, why would we be holding hands and singing Kumbya with Hindus instead of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them?

Do we worship the SAME Jesus Christ- all "believers"?  It doesn't seem like it to me at times.  I am deeply burdened for the many who fill those comfy pews on Sundays. Ultimately, they are responsible for what they know or don't know and this will determine where they spend eternity. I always loved my pastor but if he were to preach a sermon with a strange message or quote a scripture wrong, you can believe I would have known it - even at the age of 16.

We must pray for the unsaved and many of those are residing in churches. But, a building is not where Jesus' church is. The Body of Christ is the true believers who do strive to walk in His will, work to fulfill His commandments and who love Him with all their heart, mind and soul.

The days are growing short and soon we will hear that shout and trump! How excited I am to think of that! What an exciting time to live! We shall see our Lord and Savior! We shall see our King! In the meantime, I feel those of us who discern the false doctrines being passed off as something that pleases God and those who teach (or shall I say do not teach) the blatantly erroneous doctrine and who are false prophets must stand and make all who will listen aware of just what these people are and just who they seek to worship and it is NOT Jesus Christ!  Many are offended when I do this - and I do it out of love. The "judge not" quip always is used but it is funny that those who frequently use that don't even know the entire passage and do not read it in context. We ARE to judge ALL THINGS according to God's word. If a thing is not in line with that, we are to correct and show the truth so that our brother or sister will not be misled.  It seems that most don't care to be told they are walking an errant path.

I pray for peace in Jerusalem and for protection for the nation of Israel. Sincerely, if anyone comes across this message and has questions (that are truly sincere - atheists have a way of being so concerned about what Christians believe...) please let me know. I would love to share the message of Jesus Christ with you. If you are a Christian and would like to contact me I LOVE talking about Jesus. The last few years, I have kept only Christians around me. I will do nothing to stray from the path our Lord desires us all to take. It is straight and it is narrow but walking it is no burden to me. I know that He waits at the gate to welcome me home.

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