Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sad State of Our Nation

I must address the situation regarding the terrible incident which happened on Saturday, January 9, 2011 in Arizona. A Congresswoman was shot, a federal judge was killed along with an aide for Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords. At last count, six had died, and 19 had been injured.

There are many heroic stories emerging from what happened that day. It is wonderful to know that people will, without a thought, jump to help those in need. My prayers and thoughts are with those families of the victims and those injured and with the family and staff of Gabriel Giffords as I pray for a miracle, a full recovery, a compete recovery. Nothing is too big for God. I believe He will heal her and to Him goes all the glory.

Much has been said (I believe out of turn) by many "news outlets" and I do use that term loosely, about the alleged shooter. Names such as "insane", "crazy", "mentally-ill" have been thrown around, Those doing this are ill-informed. They don't have all of the facts and certainly should withhold all judgment on all matters surrounding this case. This only serves to further incite the rhetoric coming from the radical left who have blamed everyone I can think of for this.  Insanity abounds in this country and if insanity can be used in one instance, it would be to describe the state to which the liberal left has whipped itself into.

These are the same people who want to give those who practice Islam the "right" to do so here in our nation but at the same time, are busy taking away rights from Christians. They want to take our money, take all freedom and let the government take the place of God. They want a nanny state and won't be happy until they get one.  That is, unless America will stand up and say HELL NO.

I am a Christian and language such as that rarely is written by me nor spoken by me but I am extremely distressed at the events that seem to grow worse by the day here. This is not surprising to me because, as a student of prophecy, I realize that is truly happening and it does encourage me because I know the outcome!

The bad guys lose.

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