Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Greatest Generation, Ethics and What Did Our Grandmothers Really Do For Us?

Almost anyone who has been a regular reader of my articles over the years know that I rarely editorialize. Some might oppose that statement, especially when it comes to my Christian-related writing. I frequently write about Christian topics - from a Christian point of view.

I began to think about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann (and probably there are many other nameless women who are victimized by the NOW) and how they have been treated by the press, by other women and by men.  These women, whether we admire them or not, whether we like what they stand for or not, are brave. They are stepping into a traditionally men's world.  I understand this because I have done the very same thing. It is a hostile work environment, to say the least.

What drives them? I can only believe it is passion for doing what they can do, for giving a voice to those who have none.  To be vilified as they have and by other women is unacceptable.

The "sisterhood of the polyester pants" were rushing to Hillary Clinton's side every time she was mistreated. And, make no mistake, she was mistreated. But women all over the country, as well as the media fell all over themselves to point this out and to call foul.

I suppose my generation was the first one where the young women were told "you can be it all, you can have it all. Go to college, get that great job, marry, have children....you are superwoman."
This is true. I fell for it. I did it all. Did I love it? At times, I did. But someone to take care of my children while I worked 80 hours a week doesn't leave many personal memories of my children when they were young. I had money, but I just about lost my mind.

We were lied to. My grandmother, who is 90 years old, was a very smart businesswoman and she reluctantly retired at age 79. Since that time, she has puttered around her house, dusting things, sorting through files and every now and then, I find her sitting at her desk, looking back through her contracts. It is as if she is going back in time. She was a "career" woman before it was cool to be one. My grandmother and many other women like her took on tough roles, blazing trails and opening doors for women my mother's age and for myself so that we would have CHOICES.

Somewhere along the way, choices weren't choices and we were "assumed" to want these things. My daughters have asked me in the past "what would be the best job, Mom?" And, I told them, do what you love. It doesn't matter about the money, if you love what you do, you will be successful. Gosh, I wish someone had said that to me. I probably would have listened.

I belong to the "burn-out" generation of women. I quit the corporate grind at age 36 and realized my priorities were very skewed. I had always been a writer and serious Journalist (on top of my real job) and also a photographer. These were my passion. This is what has been one of the joys of my life.

I am a Christian woman. I know that as a woman, I have a treasured role on this earth. I am a caretaker, a caregiver,  I bear chldren, I raise them.  I love unceasingly and I set the example for those to come. What wonderful role models I have had. I feel I have let my daughters down because I didn't figure it out quickly enough.

I don't watch television that much but I have noticed that there are no good television programs on any longer. Everything is "reality" but the reality is all screwed up. For example, "Housewives of...." seems to be very popular. But I notice that maybe two are actually married. Isn't a housewife married? Has the definition changed? They drink, party, have plastic surgery, splurge with expensive things spoil their children, have affairs, boob jobs, and fight like animals among themselves. Is this entertainment? Not in my opinion. What is this teaching those who watch?

Our world is upside down. We cater to a religion that is intolerant and hates Christians, yet Christians are being attacked, hauled into court and charged with hate crimes (for practicing their faith) and many of those doing these things are other so-called Christians. The Christians who sit in churches today are getting a watered-down, feel-good, fluffy "safe" sermon along with some entertainment.  They don't have church.  People can't distinguish God's word from Longfellow.  I cry it is so shameful.

I am fortunate, I have the ability to home school my son. I don't have to put up with the state-sponsored brain-washing that is called public school today. THANK GOD. I believe every parent should pull their children out of public school if they love them. But, then they wouldn't have that extra car or the big screen television or those things that are not worth their children's minds

I understand now that women have a very special role in society. We bring precious life into  the world. We nurture and raise our children. We grow in the wisdom that is passed down from our grandmothers to our mothers and to us. We pass these attributes to our daughters.

I hope someone reads this and understands that our society is being degraded and the family torn apart because the family is not honored any longer. Homosexuality and all manner of perversion is being put on the same level as a sanctified marriage, a God-blessed union between a man and woman.

Jesus said we would have days like this. And we are. I have a feeling this isn't the worst of it, either. Lord Jesus come quickly! Abba Father! I commit myself to you and to your works. Not my will but yours be done. Until I hear that shout and trump!

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