Friday, May 6, 2011

The Importance of Mothers

This weekend,many Americans visit, call and pay tribute to their mothers. It is a fact that the family unit is under attack. One important key to keeping our families intact falls upon mothers who recognize and understand.

Mothers are a treasured gift. God pays a wonderful tribute to motherhood in Isaiah as He refers to His love for His children as "a mother's love."

Jesus paid the same tribute to motherhood when He spoke of His love love for Jerusalem like "a hen gathering her chicks under her wing."

"Oh, how much I love you." He cried.
"If only I could be a mother hen and
And spread my wings to protect you."

Like a mother hen, Jesus calls His children. To come to Him so that He can shelter and protect them.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere. May God bless you with Godly children and the love of all your family.

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