Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Happened to My Spring Break?

Okay, So I'm feeling sorry for myself today......(small violins are playing....)

I homeschool a special-needs 12-year old. This is Wednesday of Spring Break Week. I had many things planned for ME. This was ME week. I sent him to "Granny's house" so that I could do whatever I wanted to do.

I awoke Monday morning with a swollen (can you say EGORE?) eyelid (it's hard to see with one good eye) and off I went to the doctor's office.....alas, infected eyelid. Who knew? How does one get such things? So, it's warm compresses and antiobiotic drops for me. Tuesday morning, MUCH LARGER SWELLING (I didn't realize an eyelid could get THAT big!) and it was pajama time, warm compresses and eye drops. I'm beginning to feel sorry for myself by this time.

Today is Wednesday and I don't CARE what I look like, whether I can see or not, I'm off to the mall. I'm going to do as I please. I only get a week off - can anyone out there hear the whine in my voice?

This is like Murphy's Law or really is hilarious, in a twisted kind of way. And the weather is BEAU-TI-FUL outside.....

It's so BEAU-TI-FUL it makes me want to tear my clothes off and run naked through the yard (not really - it would scare my neighbors and they'd call the cops)....but maybe 20 years ago, I'd do it just for shock affect....I really would've.

So, I'm off (in the head - lol) to go find adventure. No patch on my eye - RRRRR a pirate's life search of spring shoes, shirts and a new purse! Bring home the bootie.....ha ha ha.

Hey, it's only 9:56 and I haven't been into any booze or otherwise yet. But, the day is young...who knows what kind of adventure I'll find....

Good day!

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