Friday, April 10, 2009

The Great Tea Party

April 15 has traditionally been a day of horrors for those Americans who pay taxes. Thanks to Barack Obama and his merry band of thieves, also known as the U.S. Congress, this April 15 Americans are giving the thieves the proverbial middle finger during tea parties across the United States.

We're mad as hell and we're not going to take their tax-and-spend-and-lie behavior anymore. Call it a national "time out" for Obama and his followers who have pushed the United States to the brink of bankruptcy and burdened us with historical debt. This "time out" isn't going to be just a slap on the wrist. We aren't letting up until Obama and Nancy Pelosi – and all of the tax-loving piglets sucking off citizens' personal income – stop their thievery.

The thousands of tea parties across the fruited plains will be much larger than the original tea party of Dec. 16, 1773, when 116 people dumped 45 tons of British tea into the Boston Harbor to protest unfair taxes, among other obnoxious laws imposed on the American colonies by Britain.

The Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party began in the grass roots, and now big political names and conservative heavyweights are getting involved. But let's be clear: This started from the ground up. The pushing came from Joe and Jane Taxpayer, the folks Obama calls the "bitter clingers." We're just middle-class or working-class or even wealthy Americans who don't like Obama's sharp left turn toward socialism, less freedom, more debt and increased taxes after his lies about decreasing taxes.

The same held true for the Boston Tea Party participants.

The men who dumped tea into Boston Harbor were from many different backgrounds. About one-third of them were skilled artisans such as carpenters, masons and shoemakers. A much smaller number were merchants, doctors, clerk, and the like.

The Sons of Liberty were likely involved in the planning and execution of the Tea Party and played a big part in the Revolution. The modern-day tea parties, I hope, will inspire a cohesiveness resulting in a renewed Sons of Liberty that will fight for the freedom won for us by our forefathers.

Like the brave men who tossed the tea in Boston, we must be ready to continue the campaign. It has to be part of our lives until we have righted America's course. On future Tax Days, we will no longer flinch at the sycophants in the halls of Congress or White House. They will once again answer to the people, the way our founders intended.

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