Friday, June 26, 2009

Breakdown of votes for 2454 Cap and Trade in the House of Representatives 6/26/09

Here is the breakdown of the Voting for the Cap and Trade in the House of Representatives June 26, 2009. I am of the mind that anyone who voted "Aye" for this bill should be targeted for a campaign to be removed from office when re-election time rolls around. This should be a NATIONAL effort. If we are to do away with these partisan politics, the people of the US need to do away with those who cater to special interests and ignore the will of those who send them to Washington. This is not a naive viewpoint but the way this is meant to work. Until we stand up and insist that people do their job, and if it is not done to our satisfaction, they will be removed; this status quo will continue. I am sick and tired of being ignored for the special interests. My special interests are my family. The federal government has FAR overstepped the power it is given in the U.S. Constitution and we need to rein it in. There are ways and the voting booth is one way.

Here is the link to the voting breakdown:

Let's get busy now, organizing and fighting against passage of this bill in the Senate. Target YOUR Senators and the BLUE DOG Democrat Senators. PUT PRESSURE ON ALL OF THEM. Tell them that this is a jobs killing bill and their job will be killed if they vote yes. Plain and simple.


Foxwood said...

Don't believe this is not a tax on those making under $250,000. Everything this bill touches will go down the FOOD chain. Gas, electricity, food, products and services. Everything will go up, but it's not a tax on you.

What's In A Name? said...

What an uninformed statement to make! I am not an idiot and happen to be very educated. Just where do you think all of these taxes are passed down and just who do you think pays them in the way of higher food prices, fuel prices. Electricity prices, heating prices, hmmm? ME! Dumbo.