Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama is Not Telling the Truth About His Healthcare Plan

Obama's description of how his government-run health care plan would work is simply untrue. Apparently, he thinks the American people are too dumb or stupid to realize that the government will never compete fairly with private insurance companies. A government option will replace private insurance. There's no question about that. That's what its meant to do. The government will force private insurers out of business.

They think (Obama & Co) that we don't know government doesn't work well. They think we can't remember how poorly they worked when Katrina tore up New Orleans. Do you remember the 1,000's of people stranded at the Sugarbowl? I do. Do you remember all of the people stranded on their rooftops? Do you remember the words HELP written on the rooftops, people begging for help, help that did not come? I do. We are not stupid. Help did not come from the federal government. Help finally came in the form of a U.S. Army General who was from Louisiana who saw what was happening and took it upon himself to come in and organize everyone, told FEMA and those who were standing around with their fingers up their posterior to go to hell and began to rescue his native people. There were other "heros" such as the young teenager who took it upon himself to hijack a bus and began loading people into the bus and taking them (with his own money for fuel) to Houston; turning around and going back for another load of people and did this until the waters were too high for him to get back for more people. But this was not the federal government. That same government who left all those people stranded to fend for themselves after Katrina are the same people who WANT TO PROVIDE HEALTH CARE FOR US. Are we STUPID? Are we nuts? Not me! No way!

What Obama and the Democrats are telling the American public paints a FALSE PICTURE of health care in America. This is nothing like what I see when I go to the doctor. I go every month. I have a disabled son and I go often. I see none of what they are saying. They are lying to us.

They have created this "crisis" and are doing it for the express reason of creating another huge government-run program so that they can collect more of our money. Do you want to give more of your hard-earned money to the federal government? I don't and I'm not. What's more is that they are exaggerating the numbers they are using to say how many people in America are uninsured. Some of these numbers are illegal aliens. Some are workers who are unemployed but who will be re-employed and will be covered by their employers. Some of the people included are eligible for Medicare or the SCHIP program but who haven't signed up. These numbers are deceptive and they are not static numbers. They change every day. They go up and they go way down. But they are not correct. The government is lying to us.

They are talking about creating and maintaining a program that NO GOVERNMENT HAS EVER DONE. Do you trust them? I do not.

What works is freedom to choose, choices and private enterprise. The government is trying to take that away from us. What the federal government is saying to us is that they are better at making choices for us than we are. I don't know about you but that is extremely offensive to me. I KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR ME. NOT the federal government. These people do not know me, they do not care about me, they do not care about my family and couldn't care less. They only care about their agenda, their jobs and keeping those jobs.

The President said yesterday that "if you like the plan you presently have, you may keep that plan..." but in the proposal Congress currently has, that is NOT what it says. We will NOT have the option to keep our present insurance. Obama is lying to us. If you do not believe this; get a copy of the 1,000 page proposed Kennedy-Dodd Legislation yourself and read it.

And, because the government has not worked well (understatement) in other areas, what gives us any indication that it will work well with healthcare? And what makes us want to be guinea pigs?

The public option in other things, for example, the housing market, the secondary mortgage market looks like Fanny and Freddie. That’s a public option. It’s a disaster. That’s what happens when the government gets involved in these kinds of things that the private market can run so much better.

It is impossible for the government to establish a level playing field, regardless of what the president may say, because the government will game the system and never subject its plan to the different state rules and taxes that govern private insurance companies.

It simply isn’t the case. It’s just not true what he says. The reason that individuals would flock to a government plan is because they game the system. You can’t have a level playing field. Are these [public] plans going to be paying local taxes, state taxes, federal taxes? Answer: No. Isn’t that a subsidy for the government plan itself? Well, sure it is.

It’s just fantasy to believe that the federal government won’t crowd out private industry and end, end private health insurance as we know it.

Obama must think the public is stupid if he expects it to buy the idea that a government plan will not hurt private insurers. Private providers will be damaged because the government under, Obama’s “public option”, plan will underpay the doctors.

As a result, the doctors will have to raise their costs in other areas to recoup their losses. This will particularly affect those people who have private health insurance (not those relying on Medicare or Medicaid). As the prices and costs go up for the people with private insurance, more people will switch over to the “public option” plan. Thus, the government intervention -- the “public option” the Obama administration is pushing -- will damage the private market and competition.

The "public option" plan will effectively raise costs for the doctors and consumers who prefer their private health insurance and subsequently drive many of these consumers into the "public option" program.

It will definitely replace private policies because the government will subsidize those policies, they won’t pay doctors enough, there’ll be more cost shifting instead of less.

I just have to go back to what is apparently true. This administration believes the American people are stupid. They’ll sit there, they’ll say, ‘Well, we’re reporting 1.9 million jobs lost,’ and say – with a straight face – ‘We have saved or created 150,000 jobs.’ They think we’re stupid.

Are we going to let this monster of a sure failure become reality? I certainly hope not. Keep pressure on your Representatives and Senators. Tell them that if they vote for this, they will get their pink slip when their time for reelection rolls around.

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