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German & UN Troops on Ground in U.S. Flu Vaccinations

A Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army HAS CONFIRMED that German troops are on the ground in the state of Michigan. There are tanks and armored troop carriers. DO NOT FIRE ON TROOPS! Do not let yourself be captured and taken. FEMA (Homeland Security) will be taking Americans to camps. I never believed that I would be posted this be obviously the warnings were true folks. Protect yourselves and your family. Contact your LOCAL law enforcement agencies and tell them that this is happening and that they must protect their communities from this. They must not be complicit with the tyrannical government.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jane Burgermeister

Jane Burgermeister was born in Switzerland of an Irish mother and an Austrian father. She is a dual Irish/Austrian national and lives in Vienna, Austria.

[Note: with an Austrian father, she has Austrian citizenship inside Austria but with an Irish mother and as an Irish passport holder, she has Irish nationality in every other country and so is counted by the Austrian authorities as a dual Irish/Austrian national]

Update on the WHO plan for the take over of the USA from July 27th * Contact has been made to the German army to be involved in the FEMA/WHO take over of the USA from July 27th
July 24, 2009 by birdflu666
This morning I contacted the German army (Bundeswehr) and am preparing to send them directly a summary of the reasons, evidence and arguments why I believe the entire German population, like the US, and Austrian and Irish, French and Polish — indeed the entire world — population is in extreme danger from these WHO mandated vaccines.

These “vaccines” are classified as bioweapons under EU and US law. They are to contain substances proven to be toxic for a virus proven to come from a lab. The bioweapon vaccines are to be produced by Baxter, Novartis and GSK and forced on the world’s people by WHO in a pandemic emergency under the International Health Regulations 2005.

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds through their agents in governments (such as John Rockefeller) and in institutional investment funds (such as Arlene Rockefeller) have been systematically funneling billions of dollars into this “private” bioweapons programme since the S.666 bioweapons Senate Bill of 2003.

Baxter, Novartis and GSK sit on the vaccine advisory board of WHO. Two WHO memos from 1972 prove that WHO has been working on turning vaccines into killers using injections first to weaken the immunse system, then to load it with a live virus, and then to cause inflammation and a cytokine storm.

I note that German troops are to be used in the “martial law” exercise by the FEMA and Homeland Security, controlled by WHO interests, which is to be carried out on American soil on July 27th, and which looks very much like a take over of the USA.

I can assure all Americans, no German soldier who knows what is really going on will be ready to participate in this planned take over and genocide in FEMA camps of a freedom-loving people and a free county based on the rule of law according to the US Constitution and no German, Austrian or Irish soldier who knows what is going on will be ready to be misused by WHO, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to provide the military cover for FEMA to commit genocide while their own people are being given the same toxic injections in autumn.

Ring up your army bases, also in Germany. Give them the information.

Marine Drew Malone Raines is preparing a 7-page summary of the evidence that this mass forced vaccination is a covert WHO bioweapons operation against the people of the US and the world.

Download it and talk to your military. They need to know too what is going on and to have the full infomation to be able to make the right choices.


What is WHO plan from July 27th?

The people of the US are armed and therefore must be overcome by stealth.

It is alleged any WHO plan to take over the USA involves deception and divide-and-rule tactics.

For WHO to succeed, they must get the people of the US to start firing on the foreign UN soldiers and so spark a conflagration. This will allow FEMA and Homeland, operating independently under WHO, to start a programme of genocide, rounding up people and taking them to camps.

The foreign UN soldiers will be conducting a military exercise and so not under orders to fire on civilians. Remember most of them will not know what is going on and will follow orders.

However, they will fire back if shot at.

Therefore, false flag operations with WHO agents dressed as UN soldiers and civilians will aim to spark a war between the foreign UN soldiers and the civilians.

In the meantime, Homeland and FEMA will start to round up people and transport them in ralway wagons to camps.

Communications with other branches of the US government and law enforcement will be cut, creating confusion.

In this confusion, with various groups fighting each other, the plan of genocide will proceed.

What has to be done?

The people of the US, the police and military must stand together and must target FEMA, Homeland Security and the WHO “Pandemic Control” center from which the operation will be conducted as well as the units operating on the ground.

The military exercises of the foreign UN troops must be circumvented wherever possible to avoid being drawn into fights.The mobility of the UN troops has to be prepared to be restricted by getting ready to destroy key transport infrastructure such as bridges, roads, railway lines and airports and sea bases.

Homeland Security and FEMA positions, logistics and supply routes, especially the fuel dumps, need to be reconnoitred and destroyed. Also, the electronic communications network must be jammed. Also destroy railway lines leading to FEMA camps and any other transport or other infrastructure needed by Homeland Security and FEMA to operate must be disabled.

The command positions of FEMA and Homeland Securty must be targetted and disabled.

If any elements of the UN troops turn against the US people because their leaders are working for WHO, they must be identified, their command centers must be targetted and disabled and the soldiers isolated and cut off from supplies by encirclement. Most UN soldiers will have no idea what is going on and would not participate if they did know. It is vital to inform soldiers in the US and every country so they understand they are being misused by the Rockefeller and Rothschild banking elite to destroy the USA while their own people are in danger from forced vaccines by the very same clique.

The counter attack on Homeland Security and FEMA units has to be conducted on local, county and state level in a coordinated and synchronised way.

The end objective has to be clear at all times: it is the restoration of government under the US Constitution and return of the rule of law in the USA.

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