Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chilean Miners Rescued, Faith Kept Them Going

The ongoing rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners has been nothing short of miraculous.These men have survived underground for more than two months, longer than any other group.They say that their faith and prayers have led to divine intervention in their rescue

"I was with God and I was with the Devil, they fought me, but God won. He took me by my best hand, the hand of God and I held on to him I never thought for one minute that God wouldn't get me out of there," said Mario Sepulveda when he emerged from the mine this morning, according to  USA Today

What began as a tragedy 70 days ago became a miracle when rescuers and mine officials learned thevminers were able to survive by being in an area within the mine that held food and other supplies. Sadness turned to joy and hope as the vigil began. NASA and geologists from the United States, as well as equipment provided from the United States helped contribute to this effort.

It struck me as not only poignant but a reminder this event provides for us. That which is most important. The entire country of Chile, indeed the entire word it seems, rallied around the news that these miners were being rescued on October 13.

Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera and his wife as well as the Vice-President of Chile, were on hand to greet and thank each and every miner as they emerged from the rescue pod. Rescuers went down to prepare each miner before they were placed in the pod for the long journey through the 2,047 feet journey through pitch-black darkness, and to safety at last.

President Pinera and Luis Urzua, who was the last miner out, led an emotional rendition of the Chilean national anthem. It was a stirring sight. When Urzua emerged, he was wrapped in the Chilean flag. Families of the trapped 33 were on hand to greet their loved ones. Many had held vigils through out the 69 days awaiting their loved ones and watching the rescue.

"Hopefully this will teach us not to chase money, but to be humble and treasure our friends and family instead” ~ Maria Segovia, Sister of a rescued minor

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