Monday, October 18, 2010

Jehovah's Witnesses and Others Who Have Fallen for Satan's Lies

It seems work is never done and in this day and time, satan is certainly not going to let Christians get any rest from the constant attacks on our faith, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As my son and I attempted to have our home school this morning (I say "attempt" and readers will soon see why I use that word), my door bell rang. It is very unusual for anyone to ring my doorbell during the day. I'm the only person home on my street, except the sweet young woman next door.  To my surprise (and delight), there stood two well-dressed, well-spoken men who were holding what appeared to be Bibles and some literature. I asked them if they happened to be Jehovah's Witnesses. They shook their heads proudly.

I asked them if they would like to come in and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They looked a bit strange at that question. Before they could answer, I told them that they did not believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, in the Trinity and they believe that the 144,000 were actually Jehovah's Witnesses who had already been raptured to heaven.  This was a lot for my brain and little coffee when I had just come from teaching long division to a special-needs child.

They didn't want to talk to me. I told them that they could receive eternal life through accepting Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as their personal savior. I told them that their blood would not be on my hands. They left and headed down the street.

When I got back into my office, I looked out of the window and saw that they had "trapped" one of my neighbors (a man who sleeps during the day and works at night) at his mailbox.  About that time, my doorbell rang AGAIN!.  I thought, Lord, you want me to talk to these people and so I am.

I took my Bible and headed down the street where I began to seriously talk to two of the men. They hemmed and hawed around at everything I asked them.  Then, I told them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I told them that those books they were holding were written by Jehovah's Witnesses and were not the Word of God, which is inerrant and Holy Ghost inspired.

One never knows when one might be asked to give an account for their beliefs. This short little blog is a warning to all Christians: know who you are talking to, don't assume that they are "Christian" just because they say they are (I'm speaking of Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, those who worship Buddha, et. al). Be instant in and out of season as we are told to be.  Those four men left here knowing the TRUTH. If they choose to ignore it, that is their choice. But, I did my part.

Satan is a busy evil one. He and his demons prowl about devouring anyone in their paths. Arm yourself with the Sword of God (the Word), put on the FULL ARMOUR. This is a spiritual battle and we need more to step up and fight.

I thank Jesus for sending those men to my door. I praise Him and honor Him for it.

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