Wednesday, August 20, 2014


America was once a nation that was very blessed by God. I recall that the morals in the community where I grew up were much higher than the morals we have today.

Children were held accountable for their actions. They were taught to be responsible for the consequences of their choices; good or bad. There was most certainly a moral code within this nation. Throughout my nearly 50 years of living in this nation, I have witnessed the great decline of morality and of human life.

Back then, if a child stole candy from a store, was found out by their parents; those parents would take the child back to the store where the child had to apologize, return the stolen candy and face the storekeeper for what they had done. Most likely the child would undergo a punishment at home. Today most parents are too busy to even notice what their children are doing. If they happen to get caught, the child might be reprimanded, but allowed to keep the stolen candy.

I was raised in a very strict home. I addressed my father and mother respectfully as well as all those who were in authority over me (which seemed like everyone). Today, I hear children being verbally abusive, calling their parents names in public. And, it seems in every case where this has been witnessed, the parents never bat an eye at it. These children have no issues with disrespect and if they treat their parents in that manner, why should it surprise anyone that they have no regard for anyone else? Parents coddle their children thinking, "Oh, my baby is going through something hard." Life is hard and dealing with hardship is how we grow. This is why we have a nation of babies on our hands who do not want to take responsibility for anything and who feel that the world owes them something.

If I had spoken to my parents the way children today speak to theirs, I wouldn't be here today. I am in no way saying that my parents were abusive. But, we were expected to live up to certain standards and those were not low standards. These were based upon principles we learned in church. We were taught to honor and respect our parents. This was serious business. Not only that, the business of parenting was taken seriously. It is the highest honor or job God can possibly bestow upon someone, but today it is not thought of in that manner. Children are considered inconveniences, to the point that the preferred method of "birth control" is murder.

I thank my parents for teaching me respect. Today, we live in a country where it is okay for a 14 year old girl to obtain a "morning after" pill without the consent of her parents. I see young girls walking around dressed like little hookers. I recall one time thinking to myself, "My goodness, if their parents could see them dressed this way they would flip out." Then, I saw that the mother of the two girl was actually with them. Obviously the mother didn't care. How very sad. Many parents today say, Oh let them be free to express themselves. This is teaching them not to honor and respect their bodies as God has taught in His Holy Word. Parents are not minding the middle-aged man drooling at their young daughters.

50 years ago, people honored much more the Ten Commandments of God. We had small churches where everyone knew one another. Not like today where we have mega churches and we are slapped with a name tag. When I was growing up if a family in the community was suffering, perhaps because of a job loss, the men in the community pitched in to help that family pay the bills while the wives cooked and helped provide for that family. They loved and cared for one another.
The men helped their neighbors find jobs.Today, the husband, father, sits alone and worries with no support. He is lucky if he can borrow $10 for gas from a neighbor or friend to get to a job interview.

50 years ago, we didn't have the internet, cell phones or cable television. We always sat at the dinner table as family. Even if dad was running late, we would wait. Children weren't sitting there at the table texting their friends or checking Facebook. We had face-to-face communications with one another. We didn't get news of friends via Twitter. We waited to see them at the bus stop.

50 years later, we have homes always empty because both parents work to pay the mortgage, car notes
and for "things."The majority of Americans today need to have the brand new cars with all the bells and whistles. Back then, we were grateful that the car ran.

I bring up just a few key points to show a nation that once honored God in schools, courthouses and
homes. Now we have taken God out of all and have desensitized ourselves. Today, a child can't pray or read a Bible at free time in school. No, that child now gets placed on the evening news because it is taboo to do these things.
Today, it is normal for a woman to have three, four, even five children out of wedlock. Even at times these women are encouraged and supported to do so with people saying, "You go girl! You don't need a man." Yet mama struggles to put food on the table and no neighbors to drop off a dish of food to help.

Yet, we still have people making statements that God blesses America. How can God bless a nation that has turned it's back on Him. America protests against the Ten Commandments, saying it is okay to have a man lie with a man or a woman lie with a woman. And, pastors are marrying gay couples under God! They succumb to the pressures of the secular world and do not obey the Holy Word of God. These will have their reward.

America, my friends, is not blessed. It is run by evil and greed. A lack of morality is at every turn. Abortion is the form of birth control. Divorce is at an all-time high. Couples would rather live together in sin because it is easier to do so than to commit to one another. Today, people barely even know who their neighbors are!

Children are being taught that it is more important to be involved in sports than to attend a church. Our homeless and veterans are tossed aside and there are more shelters for animals than for human beings. Our value of life has diminished greatly.

Churches were originally put into place to assist the less fortunate. Today, they are more concerned with how much is in the tithing bucket. When we fail to honor God in all things how then can we expect God to honor us?

If only America would turn back to morality and our God; if Christians would be shining examples of what God intended us to be! Seeing someone suffer and offering a prayer is not placing your faith in action. It is not helping your fellow neighbor. Prayers are heard on high, but God is waiting for us to act. To receive a blessing, we must be a blessing. When God sees us restoring Him back into this country, then and only then will we be called America the Blessed.

Be a friend to someone in need. Reach out to your community. Be the difference in your city, in your homes and in the lives of those who are hurt and needy. Be the light in your workplace, in your schools and in every opportunity that presents itself. Understand the difference just one person can make to a person who is lonely. Isn't a person worth time? People are busy and stressed. Christians have the answer!

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