Friday, March 13, 2009

How Much is a TRILLION DOLLARS and what will it buy and other's Friday

So, it's Friday.....and I'm a little "unfocused", that's normal....

I think, as Americans, we're all a little "unfocused" recently, aren't we? I mean, we've had a lot to be distracted over. A lot of Americans wanted change they could count on, right? And some weren't so sure about that but were willing to wait and see....give it the 'ole American give it a try....but things have been kind of weird....
I needn't go into details, we all know the drill.

I wonder what would've happened if Obama had given the campaign speech he SHOULD HAVE honest speech would've gone something like this:

"As we approach Election Day, the American people shouldn't waste the crisis we find ourselves in."

"If elected, I promise to get us over the Bush financial meltdown with a stimulus program that will borrow $787 billion — which, of course, will add to the already sizable budget deficit (nearly $500 billion) projected in the Bush administration's last budget."

"By March of next year, my new $3.6 trillion budget will include a spending bill with more than 8,500 budget earmarks to target in-need constituents."

"Although my new spending proposals may raise the federal deficit in my first year to $1.75 trillion, I promise the American people that by the end of my first term, I will halve the federal deficit — albeit adding another $3 to $5 trillion to the national debt."


And just how much IS a TRILLION DOLLARS? Well, that has been nagging at me and I know it's a LOT of money. More than we can ever payback (added to what we already owe). It will buy 36 million Chevrolet Malibus (that would help GM, huh?), or it's spending $1 thousand a day at the mall for 2.5 million years. Or, it will pay the college education for every high school graduate for the next ten years. WOW. Now that would be stimulus. But, it's gone now.

I have the feeling that a lot of us are getting to know what it feels like to live in a George Orwell novel. I certainly believe I do. I don't like the feeling, I want out.

I like to end my blog with a quote. Usually, I like an inspirational quote. This quote has got to be the dumbest quote in the history of the world. But, depending on how one looks at it, it could be inspired not to say something this dumb, at least not publicly and not if you are running for President of the United States (and people actually voted for this man) and he's our President now.....I have a sick feeling and I have to go now......

"My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world.
I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it."
- Barack Obama

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